Seed Lending Library

A number of local public libraries are carrying packets of seeds that are available to anyone in the area. We encourage you to plant the seeds, and once you have harvested, you save seeds from a few of the vegetables to give back to the library! We encourage you to use organic or sustainable practices if you plan to save the seeds for next year. Instructions for saving seeds are available at participating libraries. A spring lecture series enhances the program.

Wheeler Library, N. Stonington, CT

Bill Memorial Library, Groton, CT

Bill Memorial Library, Ledyard, CT

Beginner Gardening Classes

In 2018, we started a free monthly Beginner Gardening class at the Otis Library in Norwich. Each class focused on a topic: Container Gardening; Raised Bed Gardening; Pest, Diseases and Harvesting; and Extending the Season and Putting the Garden to Bed. We hope to expand these classes to other libraries in Eastern CT.

Gardener's Get-Together

Once a year in early Spring, we invite community gardeners from all over the area to meet each other. It is the perfect opportunity to share success stories, and, in some cases, failures. Guests meet people with similar interests, and learn about the myriad gardens we have in Eastern Connecticut. Gardeners help each other out with ideas and often with services and tools. The food, of course, is delicious!

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